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By using the Way To Go service to take all the planning into their own hands, subscribers can reduce the pressure on family and friends to have to make big decisions at a time of great loss and grief. It can also give peace of mind that their wishes will be known to their loved ones.

If they prefer not to share them with loved ones, Way To Go generates a unique code which can be printed off with instructions and names of family members who can have access to the details. This can be left with family or in solicitor’s paperwork/will. This code enables the reader to access a read-only copy of everything planned.

Way To Go is a funeral planning service that allows people to plan their perfect send-off, their way.

It’s been created by funeral celebrant Julia Page who wants to encourage people to take more control of their funeral so it is exactly how they wish.

Julia selected Yellow Cat Design to create an identity for the service and design and build the system.

The creation of the brand identity was particularly tricky as Way To Go had to have no religious connotations at all. This ruled out many symbols and shapes such as stars, arcs, circles, hearts, plants, crosses and arrows.

We also had to strike a balance between upbeat and sombre because, although Way To Go wants to break the taboo around funerals and encourage people to be more open about them, we realised that the service should still be accessible to those who preferred a more traditional approach.

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