We are proud to announce that yesterday we launched a new re-designed and re-structured website for the Abbey Cleaning Service.

As a loyal customer of many years we have worked with Abbey to not only develop their brand but to use their website as an important marketing tool. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important part of this and with yesterdays Google Algorithm Update that focusses on mobile friendly websites we decided that the old site was in need of an update.
We started by reviewing the current content to determine what we needed to improve from a SEO perspective, but more importantly, from an end user’s perspective. One of the results of this analysis and further research was that we created new “service” pages to explain in more detail the range of services that Abbey offer. Not only does this provide potential customers with a better insight into the high quality work that Abbey undertake but it also allows for more focussed SEO with each service page being optimised for different keywords. Abbey Website iPhoneMaking the site responsive was vital not only to avoid being penalised by the new Google update but crucially to ensure that all visitors to the website were able to access the information they need quickly and easily regardless of the device they use. Our analytics data showed that over the past year more than 25% of traffic to the website was from mobiles or tablets and even though that percentage was relatively low it was certainly something that needed addressing. The design needed to be clean and fresh in keeping with the Abbey brand and whilst we were creating a new site it needed to be consistent with the old site too. We utilised a lot of white space within the design and kept the clean feeling by using simple icons and subtle grey tints. In contrast to the white we then used bright imagery and the distinctive “Abbey blue”. Each section was designed in distinct, responsive elements so that they simply reflowed on smaller devices. This simple approach makes the content easily accessible and easy to follow on any size device. From a technical point of view we utilised techniques such as minification, gzip compression and image optimisation to ensure the site was as lightweight and quick to load as possible. We continue to monitor and improve this to ensure a great ongoing user experience for Abbey Cleaning customers. If you would like to know how Yellow Cat Design can help you use your website as an effective marketing tool please get in touch.

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